1.   Q: I don’t see any information updated and cannot move around the app, what do I do?

A:   First step would be to click the “Home” tab in your app and refresh the page. If refreshing the page does not work, try checking for the latest update and update latest version of Tardy Party .


2.   Q: How do I add employees in the system?

A:   First step is setting up your Geo-fencing and address under the “Manage Rules” tab. Next is setting up departments under the “Manage Employees” tab followed by setting up a manager or managers under “Manage Employees” in which the employees will fall under.


3.   Q: When is the best time to check in?

A:   You can only check in when you are within the blue (Geo-fencing) circle of the business address on the “Home” screen.


4.   Q: How do I add or post an announcement in the App?

A:   Once you open the App and you’re on the “Home” screen, you will see the “Announcements” icon top right hand corner. Click on the icon and you can add or view company announcements at any time.


5.   Q: Where do I see my schedule for the week?

A:  Click on the “Menu” tab on the top left of the App, there you will see “Settings/Schedule”. Here, you can view your schedule at any time.


6.   Q: How do I know when someone is off for the day, not coming in or on vacation?

A:   Anyone using Tardy Party must enter their “Days off/Vacation” details under “Not coming in” each time. If an employee is on “Not Coming In” or “Vacation”, the manager is able to see details at any time once the employee has entered “Not Coming In” information. Please remind your staff to check the App regularly to be more aware of future activity.


7.   Q: Will I have to check out from the app?

A:   No, our system was built for checking into work and time management only. We are not a clock out system.


8.   Q: Why am I being charged a fee on the App?

A:   Tardy Party is activated by the Admin/Manager and they are required to inform staff in advance of this feature within your company. Using Tardy Party, we promote time management and fun at the same time. This App is also not any form of punishment for being late. Tardy Party contributions are rewarded within your company with incentives, food or a party of choice. You also are entitled to choose whether you want credit card or payroll deductions for your Tardy Party contributions. If you have any new updates with your credit card information, please update it in the App right away.


9.   Q: When will my credit card be charged for my Tardy Party contributions?

A:   Your credit card will be deducted once on the 15th of each month. If the transaction fails, you will be instructed to update new credit card information. If you are unable to update credit card information, it will be converted into payroll deduction.


10.   Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

A:   A written cancellation email is required 30 days before your subscription plan expires. Please allow our Tardy Party staff 2-3 business days for confirmation of the cancellation process. Please send your emails to: contact@tardy.party.app