About us

Are you having problems managing your own time and that of your employees? Time management is always a tough thing, and many people find themselves late at one time or another.

Welcome to Tardy Party! This App ensures proper timekeeping by individuals and in a business setting. Tardy Party App has more than 15 features! Wow! Employees who are poor in timekeeping contribute funds into the “Tardy fund” in the app. The funds are then distributed amongst all the employees to enjoy. This ensures discipline regarding timekeeping and helps improve team spirit in an organization. With Tardy Party App, you can monitor your employee attendance remotely at any time. Imagine if you were out of the office and forgot to remind your staff about something important. Now on the Tardy Party App, you can post it for everyone to see almost immediately. Tardy Party was also designed to be your virtual assistant in all aspects. You can create employees work schedules, and you can also see who is late in real-time all from your phone.

We are proud to bring you one of the world’s newest Apps that help revolutionize your business. You will now see maximum results around your business including making more money. Proper timekeeping will help your organization by increased profits and meeting of goals that have been set. On an individual level, adequate time management makes you easily be considered for promotions.

Even if you only use one or two of the features we have, you are making a significant difference in your business. We are so confident that you’ll love the App that we have given you an entire 15 days to try for FREE. We have structured every single aspect of the App with your best interest. Go ahead and get started, it will be the best decision you have made today! Let’s get back to business; Download your Tardy Party App today!

Here is the list of features we have created specifically for YOU & YOUR BUSINESS!

  • See who has arrived in the office on time.
  • See who is late, what time, and what the excuse is.
  • We have stored all the late excuses, times, and occurrences from day one
  • You can set/change employees schedules from the App anytime, so they don’t have to call in
  • Employees can Call-in from App without bothering you on the phone all morning
  • You can see who is scheduled off for the day in advance
  • You can see who will be on vacation in advance
  • You can push unlimited company announcements to phones 24/7
  • You can see who is “Going” or “Not Going” on every announcement in advance
  • You can Add & Delete company announcements from anywhere anytime
  • Profiles have photos for employee accountability
  • Employees check in only if they are within feet of the business- so you know they are onsite
  • You can view attendance reports from previous activity going back from day one
  • You can email reports to management or employees of their attendance
  • You can create a Tardy Fund, so everyone contributes when he or she is late
  • You can give your employees incentives or a party with the Tardy Funds to make it fun
  • Employees can see how much is in the Tardy Fund from the App to keep the excitement